Accelerating drug discovery by design of novel proteins

About us

We're a biotech startup with a mission to accelerate and simplify drug design with the help of AI. Our current goal is to fast-track targeted antibody design by introducing AI-designed mini-proteins we call ArtiBodies in place of regular antibodies, that stand up to the challenges associated with targeted antibody design.

Challenges of antibody design

The utilization of antibodies in various biotechnological applications is rapidly growing. The applications range from therapeutics (e.g. COVID-19 monoclonal antibody therapy), to pathogen detection test systems, to developing inhibitors for various substances and many others. AI-based methods empower targeted novel antibody design. However they are still subject to limitations of conventional antibody design process, such as high manufacturing and time costs due to synthesis of antibodies in eukaryotic organism cells, like hamsters or mice. Current AI methods for antibody design also show limited precision and applicability.


To overcome these obstacles associated with antibody design we introduce the ArtiBodies AI-based design pipeline. ArtiBodies - are miniproteins consisting of repeating regions connected by short loops.

Higher precision
While mimicking the functionality of antibodies, ArtiBodies can be precisely generated in silico to match the desired properties against specific targets due to their structure and smaller size. Our pipeline produces 90% correctly reconstructed regions (vs 20% for antibodies).
Lower manufacturing and time costs
The synthesis and purification of ArtiBodies are easier and more efficient. Synthesis can be done using standard laboratory bacterial expression systems, such as E. coli, and facilities, significantly reducing production costs.

The ArtEnzymes ArtiBodies design platform achieves high accuracy in protein binder design, surpassing state-of-the-art methods used to develop antibodies. Our team at ArtEnzymes is actively involved in platform development, dataset generation, deep learning model training, protein design, and collaborative efforts with both experimental and industrial laboratories to produce desired products.

Who are we?

Our team comes together with a love for science and a big dream to make the world better. We are a team of skilled folks with a great deal of experience and several publications in the fields of bioinformatics, proteomics, AI and deep learning for biology. We are not just a company; we are a group of friends who think alike and want to make biotech history.